Journal | De-cluttering the Mind.

This week's journaling prompt is helpful for de-cluttering the thinking mind to create more space.

The first step the yogis offered for honing in your intuition is creating space. By creating space in your body, mind and even your daily life schedule, you allow the messages from your soul to seep through this space you create. Once the intuition pools in this outer layer of consciousness, these messages can be sensed, felt and heard. If all this feels a bit "out there," don't worry, we will get there. All you should be focused on for this week is finding areas where you can create more space in your schedule, body, and mind.

To start, just sit quietly for a few minutes. Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of your breath, flowing in and out. Feel your chest rising up and down. And just flow between the movement of the inhale and the exhale, relishing the sweet pause between the two. Take about ten breaths (or more) here and whenever you are ready, we will move on. 

Now it is time to clear the clutter so we can create more space! This exercise is simple. You set a timer for 20 minutes (although it can be for any amount of time). Without crossing anything out, no spell checking or punctuation rules, without judging or analyzing what you are actually putting down on paper, just write nonstop for the entire amount of time.

For this journaling exercise feel free to grab loose pieces of paper. Or if you decide to write in your journal, be open to the idea that you may want to tear these pages out and throw them away. Begin writing whatever you feel inclined to write. It can be absolutely ANYTHING. Everything you are feeling is safe here.  If you are scared to write anything down, know you can always go outside (and safely) burn it. Use this page (or pages) to release and reveal whatever you are holding onto. You might surprise yourself what comes out. Without too much thinking, just purge.

By doing this, you allow your thoughts to leave your mind and move onto the paper. We use this writing exercise to purge the repetitive thoughts clogging and cluttering our mental clarity. If at the end of this practice you feel that you want to tear or burn this sheet(s) of paper, then rip it out, burn it, release all those thoughts, feeling, emotions and words completely into the universe. Otherwise let them rest here on this piece of paper knowing your mind can now feel more spacious and free because these thoughts live somewhere else.

This journal is just like your life, a vast open space ready to be filled with anything and everything. When you write with a timer in this way, your subconscious clutter spills onto the paper. Things you are worrying or anxious about will appear before you in the ink of the pen you are holding. If a lot of baggage comes out on this sheet and less "dreams and passion," then it becomes quite clear where you can focus your energy to create more space and release these stagnant memories and painful emotions you may be holding onto.

When we hold thoughts inside our mind, we create tension, tightness and trauma tissue. By releasing these thoughts, we create freedom. We create space! 

Let her rip,


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