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Yoga is …

I feel the need to clear up what exactly yoga is, because so many think it is something that it actually is now. So, first off, yoga is not a state of mind. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is not an esoteric practice.

Yoga is a way to get to know yourself. Yoga is a process. Yoga is a discipline. Yoga is a life science. Yoga is a method for realizing your deepest desires. Yoga is an approach to manifest your dreams. Yoga is a path for growing your soul. Yoga is Sanskrit for “join” or “union.” Yoga is a method for joining your human life and your soul. Yoga is a tool for developing your intuition. Yoga is a method for helping you live more intuitively.

The Roadmap | The Eight Steps of Yoga

The Rules of a Spiritual Being

(1) The Rules | Yamas (week 1)

(2) The Virtues | Niyamas (week 1)

Developing Your Intuition

(3) Creating Space | Asana (week 1)

(4) Be Here Now | Pranayama (week 2)

(5) Stop and Feel | Pratyahara  (week 3)


Acting On Your Intuition

(6) Unblocking and overcoming challenges | Dharana  (week 4)

(7) Believing and Trusting | Dhyana (week 5)

Manifesting Your Dreams

(8) Manifest | Samadhi (week 6)

A yogi is skill in action —Bhagavad Gita

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